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Companies will meet a heterogeneous interdisciplinary group of students, creating new collaborations or employment. The university experts will gather practical experience in best practices for co-creation.
The project is called TFV-Networking Event Series and is the co-creation of digital solutions for SMEs, with students and university innovation experts. To achieve said goal, three annual events will address digitalization issues at SMEs with students in open innovation, peer-learning to learn from solutions at SMEs, and workshops for best practices to drive collaboration. As an interdisciplinary group of (multi) university experts in innovation, we propose to promote the co-creation of digital solutions for SMEs involving students, and develop best practices for driving co-creation with interdisciplinary university experts.
Event creation

• (a) Addressing digitalization at SMEs with expert/student teams in facilitated ideation/engagement sessions, • (b) Peer-learning events to study successful/failed digital solutions, • (c) Workshops onco-creation of universities with companies.

Event Management

The event series focuses on the co-creation of digital solutions for SMEs with a diverse set of students and(multi-)university innovation experts in entrepreneurship, psychology, knowledge transfer and digital tech.