Topic Mixed reality technologies offer new potentials for co-creation in interior design and spatialplanning. They enable a more participatory approach to collaborative design processes byincreasing the understanding and integration of different stakeholders, along with theirdifferent needs and perspectives. Framed by...
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September 28, 2022
Sujet Lors de la conférence, les résultats de l’enquête sur le thème de la digitalisation, qui vous avait été adressée dans le courant du printemps 2022, seront présentés. Nous aurons également le plaisir d’accueillir deux intervenants réputés dans le domaine...
October 19, 2022
Topic The event offers SMEs the opportunity to share their current challenges in digitizing their business processes and get first ideas for solutions. Format Design Sprint with SMEs, university ex-perts and students
June 1, 2023
Topic The event focusses on new methods and tools (UCD, UX, VR/AR, generative design tools) to support innovation in interactive and hybrid settings. Format Panel for SMEs, students, experts ex-changing knowledge, experiences and ideas for problem solution.