Mixed Reality Settings for Collaboration
in Spatial Design



Mixed reality technologies offer new potentials for co-creation in interior design and spatial
planning. They enable a more participatory approach to collaborative design processes by
increasing the understanding and integration of different stakeholders, along with their
different needs and perspectives.

Framed by a key note as well as lightning talks, the event offers the chance to experience
and discuss some of the first prototypes that are iteratively developed and tested in the
ongoing Innosuisse research project Digital Collaboration Hubs (DCHs) for spatial planning and
design teams – an applied interdisciplinary project by the Institute for Research and
Development of Collaborative Processes, Institute for Interactive Technologies, Institute
Experimental Design and Media Cultures (FHNW) together with the industry partners afca., Vitra
and the City of Zurich.

This networking event sponsored by INNOSUISSE provides an insight into to the
potentials of mixed reality and their use for the development of Digital Collaboration
Hubs for spatial planning and design teams. The event enables networking across
disciplines between students as well as with relevant industry partners.


Friday, June 10, 2022, 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm by FHNW School of Applied Psychology, Olten


Welcome and Short Introduction to the TFV networking event
Debora Mittner

Key Note : XR-mediated collaboration and spatial decision making: Where are now and what is next?
Prof. Dr. Arzu Coltekin (Head of the FHNW Institute for Interactive Technologies)

Introduction to the Digital Collaboration Hubs project prototypes

Dr. Thomas Ryser, Debora Draxl, Toni Kovacevic, Kathrin Koebel, Joseph Popper
(project DCHs, FHNW)

Experience walk through mixed reality prototypes round I


Lightning talks from different business perspectives
Tim Reusch, head of consulting and planning studio, Vitra
Marko Bublic, mixed reality enthusiast & developer, afca.
Robert Urbanek Leiter Fachstelle Digitales Bauen, Amt für Hochbauten, Stadt Zürich

Experience walk through mixed reality prototypes round II

Discussion: Future potentials of mixed reality in spatial planning and design
Moderation: Tim Reusch (Vitra) and Thomas Ryser (FHNW)


Prof. Dr. Arzu Çöltekin
Head of the FHNW Institute for Interactive Technologies
Dr. Thomas Ryser
Research Fellow at the FHNW School of Applied Psychology