Gender, Diversity & Social Robots

As prominent application of artificial intelligence (AI) robots will fundamentally change our world of work, when assisting or even collaborating with humans. This event addresses gender and diversity issues related to the design of humanoid robots. How significant is gender and ethnicity for the creation of human-like robots? Which effects have to be considered in the design and education of social robots with respect to users and clients?


10.30 – 11 a.m.: Introduction to the network series

11 – 12 a.m.: Keynote Speech (open for public)

«Gender, Diversity and Social Robots: A Social Psychological Perspective», Prof. Dr. Friederike Eyssel, Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology of the University of Bielefeld (Germany)

13 – 16 p.m.: Innovation Workshop (with registration)

with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schulze of FHNW Robo-Lab, and representatives of the company Raumcode, Libraries and Students.


Robert Fritze, Chief Digital Design at Roland Berger N3XT

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig, FHNW School of Applied Psychology


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