Collaborative Digital Innovation
Future Lab AI 2.0 - 16 April 2024
About Collaborative Digital Innovation
Collaborative Digital Innovation is an Innosuisse powered series aiming to promote innovation and bring together representatives from industry and academia around highly innovative topics. These exchanges are designed to establish new partnerships and launch new ideas and projects, allowing Switzerland to retain its high level of innovation potential as a business hub. The specialists and experts from the worlds of implementation (industry,...) and academia broaden the knowledge of participants at these events. Innosuisse supports science-based innovation in Switzerland and is a partner for Swiss innovation actors. Innosuisse does not intend to purely sponsor events, but besides the financial support strives to actively foster the creation of an Swiss open-innvation community by common promotion of the “TFV -Networking Event Series” and supporting thee xchange of experiences and best-practices between organizers

“If you can offer a free tier that provides a lot of value, it will naturally help your product to spread much more rapidly.” -Melanie Perkins, Co-founder of Canva

Olivier Price
Local Impact, as well as Kariyon, were born from the desire to create a community around circular economy. During the period when shops were closed, we launched ``Soutien aux commerçants fribourgeois``, a website selling vouchers, in order to generate cash quickly to shopkeepers. In July 2020, Kariyon took over after the businesses reopened and Local Impact was born.
Renown Speakers

According to, speakers have been an important attraction at meetings to inform, inspire and entertain attendees. Recently, speakers have become even more significant as they’ve been expected to develop new approaches and more actively promote meetings.

During our first year, we had the chance and honor to welcome some impressive speakers such as Alisée de Tonnac, co-founder of Seedstars, Bill Aulet, managing director Martin Trust Center MIT entrepreneurship, or Prof. Dr. Friederike Eyssel, professor of psychology and head of the research unit “Applied Social Psychology and Gender Research” at the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology, Bielefeld University, Germany. Our goal is to find experts in various subjects and create the most attractive event possible. To achieve this objective, we rely on the collaboration of each participating school and mobilize our network of external partners.

Digitalization has permeated SMEs even before the pandemic, yet only a few have the capacity to address their challenges effectively. As an interdisciplinary group of (multi-)university experts in innovation, we propose to promote the co-creation of digital solutions for SMEs involving students, and develop best practices for driving co-creation with interdisciplinary university experts. This plan targets multiple goals: Applied innovations, publications, and training.

TFV-networking series
Alisée de Tonnac
TFV Networking series A novel concept

Our unique concept allows use to collaborate with many Applied Universities in Switzerland accros a vaste spectrum of themes. Our shared knowledge enables a conferences where minds can be spoken and topics are discussed.

The TFV-networking series is more than just random events spread across the year, it’s a true meet-up of experts, academicians, students, and industry leaders where ideas are shared, issues are tackled and solutions are discussed. By launching this series in the whole of Switzerland, we break down the language barrier and allow a real mix of cultures to be brewed.

We strongly believe that confronting your doubts and experiencing discomfort is the best way to produce innovation and think outside the box. We strongly believe that confronting your doubts and experiencing discomfort is the best way to produce innovation and think outside the box. Critical thinking and problem-solving are two key skills in business development. Improve your problem-solving skills by setting goals to acquire more industry knowledge within your field. Problem-solving at work typically becomes easier if you have a strong understanding of industry-specific information. It can also be helpful to observe how others around you solve problems at work. Take note of their techniques and ask questions about their process.

A window into our events

Our events are genuine network incubators.  Thanks to our workshops, conferences and after-sessions, our participants can create bonds that expand beyond the professional world. Our events act as catalysts where our participants will potentially meet futur clients or partners.

To illustrate these incredible moments, we always try to capture the best in the form of beautiful pictures. Browse our gallery and discover what are events are all about !

Rico Baldegger
Video presentation

Our concept in video

Are you a professional eager to learn more about the latest trends or get feedback on ongoing issues ? Or are you a student wanting to expand your network and share your entrepreneurial ideas ?

With this video, we aim to reach a more divers demographic and modernize our approach. We collaborated with a local marketing agency to produce this masterpiece.  Within our visual marketing plan, we have video testimonials from students and academics going back on the event they attended which can be found in the testimonial section.

For direct inquiries, please contact Dr. Maurizio Caon of the School of Management Fribourg